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C-BRAT™ Project
C-BRAT™ Project is STi's next generation project management solution. It gives businesses clear distinct competitive advantage of:
  • ANSI/EIA-748B Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
  • Quantitative Active Risk Assessment and Mitigations
  • Waterfall Charts and Fallback planning
  • Real time project cost & schedule S-curves
  • Adaptive AI Lesson & Resolution System
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) & What-if Scenario
  • Project Health Dashboard
  • Automated Import and Seamless integration
  • Compliance to DOD 500.2-R and NASA
  • E-Signature & Document Management
  • Project Bid Risk and Risk Money Allocation
  • Comprehensive project scheduling
  • Automated updates and alert

C-BRAT™ Project is among today's most technologically advanced web-enabled project management and risk analysis products, featuring an industry exclusive: the available Quantitative Risk Evaluation System (QRES) that quantifies and integrates any or all of six risk elements (corporate, technology implementation, technical, material, process, and equipment). Its online Earned Value Management System (EVMS) tracks cost and schedule risks of each task and integrates them to keep management informed of project's cost and schedule risks dynamically in just one click. The cost and schedule "S-Curves" quantifies your project's success probabilities in real-time. C-BRAT™ Project dynamic GANTT charts provide task status, project critical path, and actual vs. baseline comparisons.

C-BRAT™ Project effectively manages geographically diverse project teams, in real-time from one central location, with multi-user access. Its information is dynamic and is shared between executives, managers and team members for better project communication and control. The project information access is provided remotely via Internet in real time, which allows for better management control for distributed multi-tiered projects. The Program Manager controls the levels of access via an access control panel. Its warning system continuously updates and alerts the immediate manager about the project activities that are not performing as planned. The C-BRAT™ (Cost-Benefit Risk Analysis Tool) engine provides optimum risk mitigation strategies to management. It allocates the contingency money to each task of the projects and sub-projects to optimize project success and allow for management to conduct what-if scenarios.

In addition to these innovative options, C-BRAT™ Project's renowned standard features include the power and performance of Oracle Database, Microsoft Project data import, project tree structure, task and resource information, resource leveling, assignment details, integrated project warning system and even integrated daily, weekly, or monthly resource time cards. Project data protection is provided via user authentication and 128-bit encryption.

Key Features
Bid Risk Assessment
Knowledge Based Risk
Quantitative Active Risk Assessment
Earn Value Management
Real-time Cost & Schedule S-Curves
Project Health Checkup
Executive Dash-Board
Project Planning, Scheduling & Tracking
Risk Mitigation Charts & Fallback Plan
Project Cost Benefit Analysis
Integrated Baseline with Corrective Action
E-Signature & Document Management
State-of-the-art Comm. & Collaboration
Seamless Integration with Major Tools
Time & Expense Tracking

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