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Risk Waterfall & Fallback Plan Charts

Risk Mitigation Charts & Fallback Plan


One another advanced functionality of C-BRAT™ Project is that it allows viewing the mitigation process of risk over time in a graphical form. In C-BRAT™ Project, you can identify as well as assign risk direct under project or under an individual project component. After identification/assignment of risk, it needs to quantify the risk. Quantity of risk is measured in terms of PI Score. If the quantity of risk is high (high PI Score), then it needs an appropriate mitigation action.

As the mitigation process starts, the PI Score decreases. And ultimately, it comes down to zero if the mitigation process is successful. Here, the mitigation chart comes in help in displaying graphically how PI score decreases to zero making the project or project component risk-free. The mitigation chart takes the PI Score in X-axis and Date in Y-axis. If the mitigation process in right track, then the risk line decreases starting from a high point in the X-axis to zero level over time.

Though, C-BRAT™ Project offers different options to measure the risk mitigation progress, the mitigation chart come handy and simple for the user.

waterfall chart

Fallback Plan

Once we trace out the risks in the activity, then the next question arises “how to handle the risk.” In normal condition, the mitigation plan solves the risk. If the mitigation plan fails to solve the risk then the concept “Risk Handling Option” arises. A risk handling option defines the possible action to reduce the probability of risk before its occurrence. In other words, a risk handling option goes for an alternative to act on if the mitigation plan fails and risk decision point reaches.

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