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E-Signature & Document Management

E-Signature & Document Management

C-BRAT™ Project provides a well advanced document management system. Where user uploads documents against an individual task or against the project as a whole. Documents are the files that are useful for project’s progress and success. Once a user uploads the document, other user can download, read and modify. After modification again can replace that at its original position, if the user is authorized by the previous one. Each time a document gets modified, C-BRAT™ Project tracks the history of modification as Versioning. At present, C-BRAT™ Project supports major file types like .doc , .pdf,. and images like .gif and 

E-Signature Document

Besides, the above common functionalities, C-BRAT™ Project offers a most advanced document management functionality, that is e-signature…authentication of the uploaded document. The user who uploads the document designates another user as approving authority. The approving authority then e-signs the document and gives approval of its authentication.

E-Signature Document

C-BRAT™ Project also allow to upload document at project level. When user generates reports on NASA Form 533Q , NASA Form 533M and DoD-CPR, then user also gets option to save the report as document at project level.

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