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Bid Risk Assessment
Bid Risk Assessment

The biggest asset of companies today, is their information, represented in people, experience, know-how, innovations (patents, copyrights, trade secrets), and for a market operator to be able to compete, he/she must have a strong information infrastructure, at the heart of which, lies the information technology infrastructure. Thus, the study of information systems focuses on why and how technology can be put into best use to serve the information flow within an organization. That is what C-BRAT™ Project provides effortlessly even in the early phases of the project prior to project scheduling.

Quick Planning And Scheduling Risk Analysis - To estimate the cost and schedule risks C-BRAT™ Project offers three methods to estimate cost and duration at the time of estimating a project bid. The first method allows the scheduler to estimate each task's cost and duration with upper and lower limits using his experience base. The second method automates this process by reducing data entry effort. This method also allows the user to use his experience base but allows the user to globally set upper and lower bounds for the duration and cost of a set of tasks.

Preliminary Task Details

The third method allows the estimator to use corporate history for similar tasks to estimate the task's schedule and cost with a desired confidence band. C-BRAT™ Project provides an adaptive learning

History Details

environment for task history database. This database is kept updated as the use of C-BRAT™ Project grows across various projects. By using this data set C-BRAT™ Project identifies minimum and maximum cost and duration of each tasks at desired minimum and Maximum probability.

History Cost $ Curve

These techniques allow for better cost and schedule estimation allowing user to accept the desired level of risk. No matter what method is used C-BRAT™ Project's minimizes the risk associated with cost and duration estimation of each task of the project.

This task information data calculates the probability of success for the project early in the program even prior to scheduling a project. By utilizing this set data set for every task with relative task importance C-BRAT™ Project’s Monte Carlo simulation rolls them up to the project level and Probabilities of cost and hour estimates are presented by S-Curves.

Preliminary Cost S-Curve View

Preliminary Cost S-Curve View

Preliminary Cost S-Curve View

Preliminary Labor Hours Risk View

These curves provide a quantitative preliminary forecast of the program's success at the estimated cost and person hours. By the click of the mouse at any point on the curve the management can identify risk money and risk schedule allocation at desired confidence level.

Key Features
Bid Risk Assessment
Knowledge Based Risk
Quantitative Active Risk Assessment
Earn Value Management
Real-time Cost & Schedule S-Curves
Project Health Checkup
Executive Dash-Board
Project Planning, Scheduling & Tracking
Risk Mitigation Charts & Fallback Plan
Project Cost Benefit Analysis
Integrated Baseline with Corrective Action
E-Signature & Document Management
State-of-the-art Comm. & Collaboration
Seamless Integration with Major Tools
Time & Expense Tracking

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