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Government Contracts Management
Government Contracts Management
Using C-BRAT™ will allow you to:

Unlike the defense contracts of yesterday, the defense contracts of today go to the well-equipped and well-prepared, with an emphasis on accurate reporting, strict timelines, and excellent documentation. C-BRAT™ allows you to map out the project ahead of time and point out possible cost overruns before they start, as well as generating reports to chart your progress.

  • C-BRAT™'s powerful and flexible design will allow you to change rapidly to meet fluid and changing goals and to overcome problems before they appear by using an automated system that will alert key personnel immediately.
  • C-BRAT™ can generate charts, graphs and reports for a visual look at how your project is proceeding.
  • C-BRAT™ will allow you to effectively manage your resources to prevent overlap and overruns.
  • C-BRAT™ gives you employees in the field and in the home office a consistent method to report hours worked, projected tasks, and current tasks.
  • C-BRAT™ risk management modules will help correct problems before they start using our proprietary "Lessons Learned Module", which includes you previous project data as well as STi's extensive research database of test cases.
  • C-BRAT™ will keep your project on time and on budget, which is becoming more and more important in the Governmental Contract Arena.

C-BRAT™ puts powerful and easy to use management tools into your hands that enable total scalable control of your organization and your products.

Key Features
Bid Risk Assessment
Knowledge Based Risk
Quantitative Active Risk Assessment
Earn Value Management
Real-time Cost & Schedule S-Curves
Project Health Checkup
Executive Dash-Board
Project Planning, Scheduling & Tracking
Risk Mitigation Charts & Fallback Plan
Project Cost Benefit Analysis
Integrated Baseline with Corrective Action
E-Signature & Document Management
State-of-the-art Comm. & Collaboration
Seamless Integration with Major Tools
Time & Expense Tracking

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