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Engineering Services Management
Engineering Services Management

Controlling the time and cost schedules of major projects continues to be a significant problem in the Engineering field for project managers and directors today. The biggest challenges are categorizing and evaluating the critical points of failure. With C-BRAT™, you can assume control of certain risks, saving significant funds and allowing you to allocate funds when there needed, where there needed. C-BRAT™ is designed to accommodate non-technical management, is easy to use and is platform dependent.

There are 13 risk elements that C-BRAT™ uses to evaluate and assess project risk.

  1. Mission and Goals - Project fit in relation to customer's organization, perception and work flow
  2. Program Management - Identifies goals, conflict, resource conflict, leadership, program definition
  3. Decision Drivers - Political influences, the use of attractive technology, and short term solutions
  4. Organization Management - Organizational stability, organizational roles and responsibilities, policies and stands, project objectives.
  5. Customers / Users - User involvement, user experience, user acceptance, user justification.
  6. Project Characteristics - Project size, budget constraints, delivery commitment, development schedule.
  7. Product Content - Requirement stability, design difficulty, system dependencies.
  8. Deployment - Response or other performance factors, customer service impact, data migration required.
  9. Development Process - Alternative analysis, quality assurance approach, use of defined development process, early identification of defects, change control for work products.
  10. Development Environment - Physical facilities, vendor support, contract fit, disaster recovery.
  11. Team Members - Mix of team skills, team communication expertise with application area, experience with project process, team productivity.
  12. Technology - Technology match to project, technology experience of project team, availability of technology expertise.
  13. Maintenance and Support - Design complexity, vendor support and personnel.
Key Features
Bid Risk Assessment
Knowledge Based Risk
Quantitative Active Risk Assessment
Earn Value Management
Real-time Cost & Schedule S-Curves
Project Health Checkup
Executive Dash-Board
Project Planning, Scheduling & Tracking
Risk Mitigation Charts & Fallback Plan
Project Cost Benefit Analysis
Integrated Baseline with Corrective Action
E-Signature & Document Management
State-of-the-art Comm. & Collaboration
Seamless Integration with Major Tools
Time & Expense Tracking

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