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C-BRAT™ is of great use in the Manufacturing field, as it allows project mangers to have a solid idea of a time frame, materials required, expense required and most importantly the risk required for there project. Below are some of the features that help C-BRAT™ be the ultimate project management solution for your company.

C-BRAT™ uses an algorithm that incorporates a probabilistic quantitative risk approach, which considers the relationship between threats, countermeasures and assets while incorporating the vulnerability of each asset.

There are three ways in which C-BRAT™ can conduct risk analysis. First an operator can modify the database, second is that risk assessment report can be run and finally it is possible to run an assessment using our Risk Assessment Engine.

C-BRAT™ normalizes all of the risk elements at the facility level to break down the overall risk for a facility down into contributing factors. This provides immediate insight into the specific vulnerabilities and high-risk items where specific spending plans can have the most impact on the facilities total risk. This helps a manager determine how to best allocate funds amongst various assets.

Data entry is minimized using the Object Oriented Modules, which are pre-assembled in C-BRAT™. One example of these modules is the Cost and Checklist Module that reduces the information requested by other modules by storing data including the unit cost, price indexing, security requirements, and action and data checklists.

Key Features
Bid Risk Assessment
Knowledge Based Risk
Quantitative Active Risk Assessment
Earn Value Management
Real-time Cost & Schedule S-Curves
Project Health Checkup
Executive Dash-Board
Project Planning, Scheduling & Tracking
Risk Mitigation Charts & Fallback Plan
Project Cost Benefit Analysis
Integrated Baseline with Corrective Action
E-Signature & Document Management
State-of-the-art Comm. & Collaboration
Seamless Integration with Major Tools
Time & Expense Tracking

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